If you have been involved with the VA in any capacity, then you know the only constant is change.   Over the last couple of years especially, all things VA have seemed to change. The PACT ACT of 2022 was the most significant piece of legislation for veterans in the last 40 years. It added new presumptive conditions for Vietnam Veterans and Gulf War Veterans. It added additional locations that qualify for presumption for Agent Orange exposure. It allowed many more veterans to qualify for VA healthcare. It made it much easier to win a claim for toxic exposure.  

If you have not been to see us in the last year, you may be missing out on substantial benefits that you knew nothing about or never qualified for in the past.  If you are the spouse of a veteran who has passed away, you need to come and see us as you may be entitled to monthly financial compensation and healthcare based on the cause of death of your spouse.

There is so much misinformation out there on social media and on the tv. We want to give you the correct answers to your questions and assist you any way we can. Remember all the services we provide are at no cost to you. Do not let anyone charge you to do what we will do at no cost and we will do a better job.

Finally, stop in and see the museum. We have a great collection of military items and uniforms from Lincoln County Veterans.

Lincoln County Veterans Military Items & Uniforms

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