Minor Plats and Family Plats

Preliminary Plat Review

  • Turn in two (2) paper copies
  • Plats are reviewed by GIS / Mapping
  • Plats are returned to Planning for review by the Subdivision Administrator
  • The surveyor is notified of any corrections after the preliminary review

Final Plat Review

  • Turn in one (1) mylar copy and three (3) paper copies
  • The same process as the preliminary review to verify that everything is correct.
  • After the final review is made and all information is correct and complete, the mylar will be signed off on by GIS / Mapping, the Review Officer, and the Subdivision Administrator.
  • Once the mylar is approved and signed, the surveyor / developer / owner is notified that the subdivision has been approved and is ready to be recorded with the Lincoln County Register of Deeds

The final plat review will be completed within 21 days from the submission of the final plat.

After the Final Plat Review
Have the plat recorded with the Lincoln County Register of Deeds within 20 days from the date that the mylar was signed.

Any additional copies that are submitted are retained by Planning & Inspections for review and archival.

The Register of Deeds recording fee is $21 per sheet.

Major Subdivisions

Authorization to Proceed Policy

Permit Issuance Policy

Closeout Requirements
-To be completed prior to platting