Work First Family Services

Work First Family Assistance

Work First Family Assistance is a short-term cash assistance program designed to assist families who care for minor children (birth through 17 years old) and meet a certain degree of kinship to the child. Persons applying for Work First must meet income limits and resource limits to be eligible for the program. Work First is an employment program with a strong emphasis on helping families become economically self-sufficient quickly. Parents participating in the Work First program must complete certain requirements monthly to receive Work First benefits (such as child support cooperation and work experience hours).

Caretakers who are raising a child who meets kinship requirements (for example: grandchild, niece, nephew) or have legal court custody of a child may be eligible to receive Work First as a payee for the child. Only the child's income and resources would be considered for this type of Work First assistance. Child support cooperation is also required.

Emergency Assistance Program

Another program administered by the Work First Unit is TANF Emergency Assistance. This is a program for families with children under 21 who are in an emergency situation such as eviction from the home, a cutoff notice for their power or water, etc.

For more information you may go to the NC Division of Social Services website or contact Social Services at 704-732-0738.