Solid Waste Division

Public Notices

Residents Yard Waste Disposal for East Lincoln County

Residents are encouraged to take their yard waste to the NEW Optimist Club Convenience Site on 1287 Recycle Way, Denver, NC 28037. The new Optimist Club site has a large, fully graveled area for residents to dispose of their yard waste. This area is just for residents to use. All contracted or business yard waste, or other waste will need to be taken to the Landfill in Crouse. The Webbs Road Convenience Site will have a yard waste container for residents to dispose of their yard waste by April 22, 2021.   Thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any questions call (704) 732-9030.

Mulch is Available - 

Mulch is available to Lincoln County residents at the Lincoln County Landfill in Crouse for pickup by the truckload. It can be picked up Monday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Notify the employee at the Scalehouse that you are at the Landfill to pick up mulch.

Tires - 

Until further notice, the Landfill will not be accepting tires past 12 pm UNLESS the tires are residential recyclables and they do not exceed the quantity of 12 tires.


Lincoln County Solid Waste (LCSW) operates a Subtitle D Landfill on about 300 acres in Crouse, NC. LCSW also maintains SEVEN different Convenience Sites located throughout the county to increase accessibility for Lincoln County Residents. LCSW offers recycling services and other disposal services for Lincoln County residents and waste generated inside Lincoln County. ONLY Lincoln County waste can be accepted for disposal or recycling. Out-of-County waste CANNOT be accepted. LCSW does NOT provide curb-side waste or recycling services.


Making Safety a Priority
Lincoln County Solid Waste is committed to ensuring the safety and overall health of Solid Waste employees, Lincoln County residents, and visitors of the Landfill. Safety precautions are taken on a daily basis as a means to prevent injury and protect every individual coming and going from Solid Waste properties.