NC16/NC150 Small Area Plan


The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will be working on a plan for the future development and transportation needs at the interchange of NC16 and NC150. The planning initiative is being led by the Lincoln County Planning Board and your ideas and opinions on this area are very important to this process.

When interchanges are built, developers seek to purchase those lands to make stores convenient to their customers. Plans for development on the Catawba County side of the interchange have already been submitted and approved. Catawba County is constructing sewer lines to the area to serve this future development. The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners seeks input from property owners and interested citizens, to help guide what type of development they would like to see on the Lincoln County side of the interchange.
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This planning effort will consider current transportation conditions and development to help guide future land uses and offer solutions for the existing transportation network. Planned development can increase the investments; provide positive long-term economic impacts and thereby reduce the tax impacts to the residents. It is also the goal of the plan to limit traffic congestion and similar undesirable impacts to the existing residents in the area.

This plan does not establish new zoning regulations, but rather sets forth adaptive guidelines and future tasks that need to occur. For example, a recommendation in the plan might be to have a traffic signal at Henry Dellinger Road and NC150. In order for this to happen, the County would need to request the NCDOT to examine traffic counts for such.

Proposed Timeline

July - Public Meeting #1
August -Technical Memorandum #1 to Planning Board
December - 1st Draft of Small Area Plan Map to Planning Board and posted online
January - 2nd Draft of Small Area Plan Map to Planning Board and posted online
February - Public Meeting #2 & revisions as necessary and 3rd Draft of Small Area Plan Map posted online
April 7,2014 - Public Hearing

Public Hearing Map

Additional Information


Public Meeting Work Map
Interactive Map
Draft Land Use Map 12.18.13

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