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Boards, Committees and Commissions
Listed below is a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the various Lincoln County Boards, Committees and Commissions. For more information on these committees, please contact Mrs. Amy Atkins, Clerk to the County Board of Commissioners by phone at (704) 736-8473 or by email.

Current Vacancies
To volunteer to serve on these boards, committees or commissions, please complete the 
Appointment Application Form and return it to the Clerk to the County Board of Commissioners.
Current Vacancies

ABC Board
This 3 member board oversees the sale of retain alcoholic beverage sales in Lincoln County.
ABC Board

Airport Authority
The Airport Authority acts in an administrative capacity and is vested with the authority to control, lease, maintain, construct, improve, operate and regulate the airport or landing field. It has authority to operate the joint County/City airport.
Airport Authority

Board of Adjustment

This Board is a quasi-judicial body that hears and decides appeals of determinations by the enforcement office for land use ordinances. It may also grant Special Use Permits or Variances. Appeals from decisions of the Board of Adjustment may be made only to Superior Court.
Board of Adjustment

Board of County Commissioners

Incorporated in 1779, Lincoln County is Governed by a board of 5 commissioners elected at large.  Elections are held in November of even-numbered years, and Commissioners elect a chairman and vice-chairman during their first meeting each December.
Board of County Commissioners

Board of Elections
The Board of Elections acts as an administrative body to ensure each primary and election are held according to the rules and regulations of the State Board of Elections.
Board of Elections

Board of Equalization and Review
The Lincoln County Board of Equalization and Review is the first level of review beyond the County Assessor for questions and concerns involving the listing, appraisal, and value of property with the next level being the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.

Board of Health
The Lincoln County Board of Health is the official policy-making, rule-making and adjudicatory body for the Lincoln County Health Department and is responsible for the provisions of public health services to the residents of Lincoln County.
Board of Health

Council on Aging

This Council serves as an advocate for the aging as a source of comprehensive planning for and about senior citizens, and as an advisory body to programs under the authority of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

Centralina Workforce Development Board

The Board provides a workforce development system in the region that results in a highly skilled, productive workforce.

Dangerous Dog Appellate Board

By State law, when a dog bites a person or kills a domestic animal, it can be declared a dangerous dog. This Board meets, hearing from both the owner and complainant, and decides whether the dog is dangerous or not.

Environmental Review Board
This Board is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals from any decision or determination made by the Natural Resources Department staff in the enforcement of the Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Ordinance and other duties as directed by the Board of Commissioners.

Historic Properties Commission
The Commission is charged with the responsibility of protecting our cultural heritage. It does this by having some control over the actions of some designated and historically significant private and public properties.

Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority
This Authority makes recommendations to the County Board regarding the issuance of revenue bonds for the purpose of developing industrial facilities and pollution control projects.

Lake Norman Marine Commission
The Commission is a four-county association formed to provide uniform administration of lake uses, to enhance public recreation and promote water safety.

Library Board
The Board establishes local policies for the regional library, provides advice on priorities, and works to provide the best possible library service for Lincoln County citizens.

Lincoln Economic Development Association
Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) is a private, non profit corporation charged with facilitating industrial, office and commercial development in Lincolnton and Lincoln County. Through our public-private partnership, the City of Lincolnton, Lincoln County, private citizens and the business community have come together to pursue well-balanced, quality growth for the community.

Lincoln Natural Resources Committee
The primary objective of the Lincoln Natural Resources Committee is to provide guidance in the inventory and wide management of the natural resources of Lincoln County in a manner that guarantees a sustainable environment and a vibrant economy.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

This Committee was organized to comply with federal guidelines and assumes the responsibility for being aware of and making plans for potential accidents involving hazardous chemicals and substances used in the County. Some of the members on this committee serve from certain specific local agencies.

Nursing and Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee

In order to provide Nursing Home oversight, members of this committee are required to visit all nursing homes once a quarter to see that rights of residents are upheld. The Committee seeks to promote community involvement in the homes and provides public education on long term care issues. Assistance is also given for grievance resolution.

Pathways Board
This policy making board has responsibility for providing mental health/developmental disabilities/substance abuse programs for the citizens of Lincoln County, Cleveland County, and Gaston County.

Planning Board
A major responsibility of the Planning Board is to prepare, administer and interpret ordinances that enhance the quality of life in Lincoln County and provide for orderly development. It serves in an advisory capacity to the Commissioners in all matters of land use.
Planning Board

Recreation Commission
This commission advises on the provision, maintenance, and supervision of public parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and other facilities controlled or leased by the Board of Commissioners of Lincoln County.
Recreation Commission

Region F Aging Advisory Committee
Members of this committee advise the staff of Centralina Council of Governments on issues that affect older Americans as that agency administers the Older American Act allotments.

Social Services Board

The County Board of Social Services determines policy for programs that are locally funded and serves in an advisory capacity for those programs that are funded at the State and Federal level.

Voluntary Agricultural District Advisory Board 

This Board is responsible for reviewing and approving qualified farmland and voluntary agricultural districts and to make recommendations concerning the establishment and modiification of ag districts. The Board advises the County Commissioners on projects, programs or issues affecting the agricultural economy or activities within the county that will affect ag districts.  The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce potential nuisance suits by providing advance notice to surrounding landowners of the presence of voluntary agricultural districts and to encourage the voluntary preservation and protection of farmland from non-farm development, recognizing the importance of agriculture to the economic and cultural life of the county.