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Lincoln County Government
353 N. Generals Blvd.
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Capital Improvement Projects Archive
 Status and Description Project History
Airlie Business Park   2010-004 Phase II Bid  Bid Tab  July 2013 
Lincolnton/Lincoln Airport Sewer 2010-006 Bid Feb 2013  Bid Tab  Dec 2013
Denver Pump Station Upgrades 2011-003 Water Bid July 2012  Bid Tab
NC 16 - NC 73 Phase 1 Water Line 2013-020 Water Bid Approval Nov. 2007
Water Meter Change Out 2013-021 Water Bid  Bid Tab
Indian Creek Water Line 2013-023 Water Bid Jan 2014  Bid Tab
Howard's Creek/West Lincoln Pump Station 2013-038 Water Bid June 2014 
Renovation of Old Bank of America Building 2010-003 Facilities Bid  Bid Tab
Re-Roof Bank of America 2011-008 Facilities BoC Jan 30, 2012
Parking Lot Renovations 2012-001 Facilities Jonas 2013 TLC Bid March 2014  TLC Bid Tab
Radio Tower Improvements 2013-029 Facilities Alexis Tower 2013   Bid Mar 2013  Bid Tab
IT Generator 2013-034 Facilities IT Generator 2013 Bid Feb 2014  Bid Tab
Gaston College Kitchen Roof 2013-036 Facilities
Cultural Center Roof 2013-040 Facilities Dec 2013  Bid May 2013  Bid Tab
Airlie Shell Building 2013-041 Facilities RFQ  Submitted
Jonas Library Roof Replacement 2014-042 Facilities Jonas Dec 2013   Bid Feb 2014  Bid Tab
Citizens Center HVAC 2014-047 Facilities Dec 2013  Bid
Block Smith Gym Roof 2012-003 Parks Bid Mar 2012  Bid Tab
Rock Springs Park                            Map 2013-024 Parks RS Park Dec 2013
East Lincoln Community Center         Map 2013-025 Parks Dec 2013   March 2014
West Lincoln Splash Pad                  Map 2013-026 Parks WLSP Dec 2013  Bid Jan 2014  Bid Tab
Rescue Squad Park                          Map 2013-030 Parks Dec 2013
Beatty's Ford Park - Chemical Bldg 3013-031 Parks Bldg Dec 2013 Bid April 2013  Bid
Lincoln Optimist Drive 2014-046 Parks Lincoln Optimist Driveway Paving 
Recycle Cardboard Facility 2013-027 Solid Waste Dec 2013 Proposal Request Ranking
Solid Waste Compactors 2013-035 Solid Waste Bid Sept 2012  Bid Tab
Water Treatment Plant Upgrades 2011-006 WTP BoC Dec 2012 Bid Bid Tab LC WTP Dec 2013