State Transportation Improvement Program


The N.C. Department of Transportation in December released its Draft 10-year State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which schedules the projects proposed for full or partial funding across the state in the Final 2016-2025 STIP. This is one of the final steps toward implementing the new Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) Law, which created the Strategic Mobility Formula. Under the new law, NCDOT will be able fund 303 more projects and create about 126,000 more jobs than under the old formula. This is a 273-percent increase in highway projects and a 172-percent increase in jobs compared to the old formula.

Using the new formula over 10 years, NCDOT will fund:
·          478 highway projects
·          300,000 jobs

Using the same existing funds, the old formula would have produced:
·          175 highway projects
·          174,000 jobs

The Draft STIP includes a total of nearly 1,100 projects across all transportation modes and in every county across the state, making this one of our most comprehensive programs.

NCDOT STIP website

Interactive Map (2018-2027)

2018-2027 STIP

Interactive Map draft (2019-2029)

2019-2029 STIP (draft)